Please Help Jazmin Romero

Jazmin Romero is a beautiful, funny, and light-hearted 12 year old little girl who suffers from Ulrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy and is bound to an electric wheelchair.


Jazmin loves going to school, drawing, and indulging in various art projects. She also loves spending time with her family and playing games on her tablet.

Recently, Jazmin spent five weeks at Phoenix Children’s Hospital after suffering severe respiratory problems. As a result, doctors performed a tracheostomy because she was no longer able to breathe on her own.

Now, Jazmin requires monitoring 24 hours a day and is no longer able to speak. Up until Jazmin’s most recent surgery, her family utilized a Dodge mini-van to transport her to and from doctor appointments.

This van is not designed to transport an individual in a 345 pound wheelchair. Additionally, her parents are in need of a portable ramp to lift Jazmin’s 345 pound wheelchair in and out of the van.

Jazmin will require continuous monitoring at all times and a certified medical caregiver to ride in the back of the van.

For this reason, Jazmin’s family truly needs a multi purpose vehicle that is designed to carry Jazmin’s wheelchair, have the ability to lift Jazmin’s wheelchair into the van, and have enough capacity to transport her certified medical caregiver as well.

Tempe Police Department in conjunction with the Fraternal Order of Police Mesa Lodge 9 are coordinating efforts to make Jazmin’s wish come true.

Please assist us with getting Jazmin the multipurpose vehicle she desperately needs. Thank you!