FOP brothers and sisters in Louisiana desperately need your help

NFOP_HeaderAugust 29, 2016

Brothers and Sisters,

No man stands taller than when he kneels to help another. Your brothers and sisters in Louisiana desperately need your help.

It is estimated that nearly 110,000 homes have been severely damaged after up to 30 inches of rain fell on Southern Louisiana in as many hours. Louisiana’s first-responders and private citizens braved the rising waters to save so many, even though many were rendered homeless in this same flood. The images of the devastation are heart-wrenching. Lives of so many families have been severely interrupted. Homes and businesses have incurred heavy damage. People have lost their lives.

It is possible to drive for hours and never lose sight of the contents of homes piled up in front yards as their gutted homes dry out. The home of Baton Rouge Lodge #1, a building that served as a police evacuation shelter during Hurricane Katrina, was submerged under six feet of water. A storage facility where the Louisiana State Lodge retained all of its historical records, is a total loss.

While we are actively evaluating the number of members flooded, it is becoming clear that the estimated loss is to exceed 200 homes.

Now that the president has come and gone, so too, has the spotlight on the plight of our members struggling to put their homes and lives back together. The National FOP Foundation has long established a process to provide a $500 grant to members devastated by disasters. Unfortunately, the sheer numbers of affected members will severely tax our disaster relief funds. Offering this minimal amount to our members will exceed $100,000.00.

On behalf of the Louisiana State Lodge President Darrell Basco and the 6,000 members of the LA FOP, we ask each of you to please help us raise funds to keep the disaster relief fund solvent.

There are three ways to support this fund.

Direct donations to the National FOP Foundation, Disaster Relief Fund 701 Marriott
Drive Nashville, TN. In memo line, list 2016 Floods

Direct Donation to the Louisiana FOP Foundation #82350 Pat Fitzmorris Rd. Bush,
LA 70431. In memo line, list 2016 Floods

Online Donations at

We, in Louisiana, are forever grateful of those who have already graciously
supported this effort. We need everyone’s help to not only assist Louisiana
members in need, but also ensure the solvency of the National Disaster relief Fund
for future needs.

We thank you in advance for supporting your brothers and sisters in need. If you
have any questions, please do not hesitate in calling or emailing.