Member Contact – Assistance With Your FOP Verizon Account

FOP Verizon Wireless

The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police offers a Verizon Wireless mobile phone discount program for FOP members only.

The FOP discount program is a corporate discount structure – the benefits overview is as follows:

  1.  22% discount
  2. Government pricing, unlimited data, text
  3. Includes Verizon Cloud only for contacts. No media or pictures will be backed up
  4. Pricing for minute usage
  5. One-year pricing, 10 month upgrades
  6. No early termination fees
  7. WAIVED $40 Activation, $40 upgrade and $35-$70 restocking fees
  8. Overnight shipping fee waived

In order to view and request to participate in the AZ FOP Verizon Discount Program, go to the AZ FOP Verizon page and Register for a login and password – only available to verified AZ FOP Members. Click Here.